Dan Bernard: Class of 2016


    Hometown: Stamford, CT

    Age: 16        DOB- 11/10/1998

    Height- 5'11''  Weight- 165

Contact Info:

 Phone: (203) 898-4771

 Email: DanB1110@yahoo.com



Swing: Right

Throw: Left

Athletic Data:

Arm speed - 75 mph

Exit Velocity -  80 mph

60 Time -  7.1 seconds


  • School: Trinity Catholic High School

Baseball References: 

Trinity Catholic High School

Head Coach: Tracy Nichols (203) 326 - 1385

Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy/St. Luke's Baseball

Head Coach: Anthony Conte (203) 561-8032, a.conte@live.com

Attended Events: Scouted Sports Showcase 7/5/2015

Extra Curricular: Also plays Varsity hockey

Personal Mission: I would like to succeed as a student athlete.

Accomplishments: Earned the Mickey Lione Scholarship Award