Scouted Sports Showcase Evaluation

The players will all receive an online profile with their Scouted Sports verified attributes for maximum exposure to college coaches.  Our staff of professional baseball instructors from Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy will evaluate and instruct the players throughout the day.  If playing college baseball is something you are interested in then you need to have your information verified at our event!

Event Details

Where: Darien High School

When: July 5, 2015  

Cost: $200 for Position Players, $100 for Pitcher Only

Duration: 8:15-6 for Position Players, 1:30 Registration for Pitcher Only

Cap: 40 Position Players, 10 Pitcher Only

Video Option: $150 for Pitcher Only, $300 for one position plus batting

Event Schedule

8:15 Registration 

9:00 Dynamic Warmup

9:20 10 and 60 Yard Dash (Outfielders first, Catchers Second, Infielders Last)

9:45 Outfield Eval 

10:15 Catcher Eval

10:45 Infield Eval

11:15 Batting Practice 

12:00 Lunch (Pitchers arrive)

12:30 Recruiting Talk

1:00 Infield/Outfield both teams

1:30 Game 

4:30 Wrap Up

Video + Position Options:
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