Joey SKARAD: Class of 2019


King Low Heywood Thomas, Stamford CT, 06905.

  • GPA: 3.2


Hometown: CT       

Age: 16       DOB- 12/4/2000

Height- 5’8  Weight- 152lbs

Contact Info:

Phone: (203) 832-8901




Swing: Right  

Throw: Right

Athletic Data:

60-Yard Dash: 7.4

Pop Time: 1.9

Arm speed: 78

Exit Velocity: 84

Personal Mission:  

My mission is to become a scholar-athlete at a university that will allow me to grow mentally and physically. I would like to utilize the skills I have developed through life experiences such as hard work, motivation, sacrifices and preparation in order to enhance my knowledge and athletic skills.


The only freshmen that was invited to Baseball Factory 's Pirate City training camp in January of 2015.

Baseball References:

Bobby Valentines Sports Academy/ St. Luke’s High School

Head Coach/Head Varsity Coach: Anthony Conte (203) 561-8032,

Bobby Valentines Sports Academy

Owner/General Manager: Frank Ramppen (203) 449-3376, 

Greenwich Legion 19u

Head Baseball Coach: Mike Abate, (203) 515-8692,

Stamford Legion 19u

Head Coach: Jon Thomas, (973) 699-1367,

Prep Baseball Report: 

COMMENTS - 3/6/17
5-foot-8, 152-pound, solid, strong athletic. A right-handed hitting catcher, the swing has life and whip to it, swing is much more level and flat through the zone, has made significant improvements. The approach is gap to gap, shows to have above average pop and power. The tee exit velocity was 83 mph. Defensively, hands are strong receiving the baseball, gets around the baseball, and recognizes when he needs to block, softens the baseball in blocks. The footwork is quick in transfer, gains ground, arm action is short clocked at 76 mph from the chute down to second, strength has increased. Joey attended this workout to help receive the bullpens, was solid behind the plate, good follow, works hard and competes at a very high level.

Volunteer Work: 

Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy


 Art Club