Sean McEwen: Class of 2015


Wilton High School: 395 Danbury Rd, Wilton, CT 06897

  • GPA: 3.25
  • SAT: 1960


    Hometown: Wilton CT    

    Age: 17          DOB- 07/11/1996

    Height- 5'10"    Weight- 165 lbs

Contact Info:

 Phone: (203) 451-9991


 Address: 9 Graenest Ridge Road, Wilton, CT 06897 USA



Swing: Right  

Throw: Right

Athletic Data:

60-Yard Dash: 7.00

Arm speed - 72

Exit Velocity - 76

Personal Mission:  

My personal mission statement is to be the best that I can be; to work hard, to play even harder, to respect my coaches and my team and to win -- with integrity, determination and love of the game!

I believe that this will translate in all areas of my life; personally, professionally and in sports!


I have been very immersed in baseball over the past 10 years which has left little time for anything but training for baseball. I have volunteered occasionally with older people at a hospital connected to my school, NCCS, helped teach baseball to younger kids and plan to do work with hurt animals in need at the Darien Animal Hospital. I sometimes help my dad with his company business and I am also an avid skier.

Baseball References:

Wilton High School

Head Coach: Tim Eagen (203) 762-0381 (cell)

The Connecticut Tides

Head Coach: Gary Dunn (203) 984-5094 (cell)

Bobby Valentines Sports Academy

Head Coach: Anthony Conte (203) 561-8032 (cell)

School's Sean is Interested in: Bucknell, Vanderbilt, Tufts, University of Virginia, Wake Forest, Indiana University, Penn State, University of Richmond, Miami of Ohio

Showcases Sean has attended: Penn State, Marist, Sacred Heart and Blue Jays Camps

Upcoming Events: Headfirst Honor Roll