We provide college showcases to athletes who want to be seen doing it the right way.


Getting your name out there is only the first step, you've got to put your skills on display. Our showcase curriculum is a real test of your attributes, both physically and mentally. We're not there to just run you through drills, we're there to help you get them right. We want you to feel comfortable working out in front of college coaches.  

Our mission is to assist players who want to play at the next level, whatever that level may be.  We hold events at various locations, mainly in Fairfield County, CT.  The event curriculum we utilize simultaneously achieves two goals:  provide focused drills that display the talents of players and educate players on how to effectively navigate these drills to optimize their results.  Our staff is highly trained under the tutelage of Bobby Valentine and Frank Ramppen. The diverse coaching network we have established helps to put the right players in front of the right coaches, under the best circumstances.


All photography provided by Antonio Conte